Get To Know The Best Sump Pump – The Complete Reviews and Guide

Sump Pump Reviews

best sump pumpSump pump reviews are scattered all over the internet. Some written by industry experts while some were merely outsourced to third class English speakers.

The main reason why you’re on this page is to learn the best sump pump for your personal use.

This thoroughly written article will go into details; either for you to take the poorly written reviews and decide on buying a pump or you just go ahead to the market place to read more reviews from trusted customers. You’ll also learn some inner-circle approach to selecting the best pump for your personal use.

The truth is the a good sump pump should be carefully selected so as to make your reason why come true.

For example, there are some pumps used mainly for home consumption; these are the pumps that you can’t use for large quantity of work or pumping. More of these below.

Some pumps may not work good both for you and your neighbor. So taking the advice from others and relying on it is not a good thing to do. Buyers have to get the information by themselves, analyze it and then decide on what product to choose. To make the process easy we have organized the reviews in a manner by which you will get you a clear picture on the product’s features, cons and pros.

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After going through a lot of customer reviews and analyzing them we are presenting you best pump reviews. These are quality pumps and are worth for the price paid.


Top 5 Best Sump Pump With Best Reviews

  1. Liberty Pumps 257 Sump/Effluent Pump
  2. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump
  3. Wayne CDU790 Submersible Sump Pump
  4. Liberty Pumps 287 Sump Pump
  5. Wayne ESP25 Sump Pump System

Top 5 Sump pumps comparison

Now you can make your own decision by comparing the sump pumps side by side. The table below goes through price, color, dimensions and ratings. There is no product which is 100% perfect, but these below shown are almost pretty close to what you want. Check out!

Top 5 Sump Pump Reviews

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1. Liberty Pumps 257 Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Sump/Effluent Pump with VMF Switch

  • Up to 50GPM PumpsLiberty Pumps 257 reviews
  • ½-Inch Solids Handling
  • Outstanding design which reduces the electrical usage up to 45%
  • It contains the magnetically working VMF switch intended for slighter pits for a 10-inch diameter
  • It serves maximum discharge head of 21 Foot

This Pump is unique a one – piece cast iron body encapsulating the powerful motor beneath it. It has quick disconnected power cord along with a wide-angle float and piggy-back plug.

It is a perfect choice for those who have a demand for low head with effluent pumping or also for basement de-watering. Replacement of cords can be done easily in seconds as it has Quick-disconnect120” standard power chord as there is no need for breaking the seals of the motor.

It is made of supreme quality materials and uses rugged motor lubricate for thermal surplus bearings. It can withstand high temperatures while working.

Excellent engineering polymer with enhanced fasteners is used for gaining a non-corrosive stainless steel. It is fabricated with 416 Stainless steel rotor shafts and engine of HP: 1/3. The color and the coating are very much durable with epoxy powder finish and the vortex style impeller.

This sump pump solves all the requirements for pumping sufficient water; the price tag on this pump is a great value for money.

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2. Liberty Pumps 287 Automatic Submersible Sump Pump with VMF Switch

  • Higher quality and quiet operationLiberty Pumps 287 review
  • Powerful – 67 gallons per hour
  • Power saver
  • Non corrosive- Ceramic and carbon coated for corrosion
  • Durable and light weighted
  • Easy to transport

Liberty Pumps 287 is recommended for professionals, it can also be used for household purposes. It offers you a superior performance and quiet operation. This 280-Series is designed for the step systems which transfer the liquid waste.

It pumps the water at the rate of 67 gallons per hour up to 37 feet of lift. It has a magnetically operated VMF perfect for small pits and can go down into a 10 inch diameter of depth.

Liberty 287 has a submersible motor which delivers a high performance of 1/2 horsepower. The motor is made with rugged cast iron housing and this makes it durable for long life. It is hermetic and it’s coated with thermal protection for safer use.

Also this makes it efficient to save energy and to reduce up to 40 percent of power. The design of this pump is simple and can be installed very easily; in place for operation. The mechanical face seal is made of carbon and ceramic for resistance against corrosion.

Liberty Pumps 287 is heavy in size and tough to transport. It weighs about 29 pounds and it’s frequently bought with Zoeller 30-0181 check valve of 1-1/2 inch. The list price of the Liberty Pumps 287 is $276.00, but you can save more than $71.60 (26%).

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3. Wayne CDU790 1/3 – Horsepower Cast Iron Submersible Sump Pump

  • Durable and quiet operationWayne CDU790 review
  • Easy installation
  • Top suction design filters debris
  • Designed for larger sump and 11 diameter basins
  • Doesn’t have the problem of clogging

Wayne CDU790 is great for all companies or any household with hardcore pumping needs. It has durable cast iron housing for long life and also this makes the operation to be very quiet. The CDU790 is built with a motor shrouded in epoxy coated steel.

The motor is oil filled and sealed for cool running and it is designed to operate under water. It brings about a high degree of performance with one horsepower.

CDU790 is very easy to install by reading the instruction manual. As the equipment has a portable design, it can be easily stored in a garage or a closet. Wayne CDU790 suction filter debris is manufactured with high quality technology and this avoids the problems of the clogging which is common among other sump pumps.

The suction filters debris and stops the foreign particles entering the pump. This keeps it clean and functioning. As the top assembly is made of thermoplastic, it doesn’t rust or corrode.

Wayne CDU790 was designed for large sump and 11 diameter basins. Using a right sump basin size is essential to deploy this sump pump for work. The minimum sump basin size must be met before making the pump to work. This makes it safe while it is in use. One of the disadvantages of this sump pump is it’s heaviness. CDU790 weighs 16.4 pounds and it is difficult to transport. The price is around $139.00, but you can save more than (22%).

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4. Wayne ESP25 12-Volt 3300 Gallons Per Hour Battery Back Up Sump Pump System 

  • It has a grade back-up system which keeps the battery chargedWayne ESP25 review
  • It has an alarm to let you know when the back-up system is active
  • Easy to install
  • It will not corrode
  • Inbuilt with status indicator

The battery backup ESP25 is compatible with every product of Wayne sump pumps and it is not a replacement for the regular sump pump. Wayne ESP25 is designed to provide protection if the electrical power fails.

It helps you to remove the water and keeps your place dry. ESP25 will give you high performance as it pumps up 3300 gallons per hour and 10 feet of lift.

Wayne ESP25 is equipped with an alarm system to alert the user about the active backup system. It has a status indicator which is very useful with the light. It helps the owner to save energy in case the sump pump is not needed to function. The battery backup ESP25 is easy to install.

The owner should read the instruction manual for safety and prevent the equipment problems. The battery was designed ​​in relatively small sizes and it weighs 13 pounds. Everything about this battery back up is worth the money.

The battery backup is constructed from thermoplastic which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust. You will need to buy separately one 40 amp hour or one 75-amphour battery. The price of the sump pump is around $294.23, but you can save more than (24%). With a discount price you can buy the sump at much reduced price.

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5. Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp

  • A robust in constructionZoeller M53 review
  • Long lasting and reliable performance with proven track record
  • Can fit in less than one square feet area
  • Easy to lift it up, as weight is only 10 lbs
  • Best suited for residential or commercial purposes
  • Does the job quietly
  • Pump operates automatically based on water pool level

Zoeller pump last for about 10-15 years and works perfectly without defects. Zoeller MP3 Mighty-mate submersible sump pumps are reliable, robust, automatic and easy to maintain. It can bone dry your floor during heavy downpour. You can also use it to clear your industrial waste water collection in the sumps.

It doesn’t need any attention once the switch is on as the float activated switches start or stop the pump automatically. It works almost silently without creating any noise and relieves you from any water pool mess.

The non-clogging vortex impeller design used in the sump pump can lift around 40 gallons of water per minute, up to a height of 5 feet. And like any other sump pump, the capacity decreases with increase in the lift. In case you need to discharge the water in the sump to a height of 10 feet, capacity may drop down to 32 GPM.

As far as maintenance is concerned, only the switch of the pump needs some attention. If you prefer to use an external switch, Zoeller M53 Mighty-mate Submersible Sump Pump, 1/3 Hp is a best fit for you. The price for this pump is $183.00. But you can save more.

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Sumps Pumps And Their Importance

sump pump reviewsSump and pump got same rhyme. The use of this unit is far from aesthetic. The main use of the equipment is to extract the water beneath the basement. This prevents it from water damage and flooding.

Pooling of water at the foundation weakens the structure and gives rise to mold buildup. Sump pumps prevent these from happening and protect your basement from damages.

There are mainly two types of sump pumps available, submersible and Pedestal. Both type of pumps functions in removing the excess groundwater but each of them have differences in installation and operation.

The pedestal sump pump gets its name from its resemblance to the actual pedestal. The motor of this pump sits above the ground. Using pedestal sump pumps is economical to use and repair. However the disadvantage is it’s loud sound of operation. The average lifespan of a pedestal sump pump is five to 15 years.

Submersible pump as the name indicates operates submersed beneath the ground. So this is ideal for the finished basements as it operates quietly without noise. This type of sump pump has its disadvantage and it’s installation. It has a concealed nature which makes replacement and repair also difficult. The submersible pump has a life span of 25 to 30 years.

There are many other factors to consider while choosing an optimal sump pump for your household. Cost, repair, space and maintenance are some of them. The modern sump pumps are fabricated with switch options which make the operation of the sump pump easy. There are automatic sump pumps that does not require any manual switching.

These type of pumps detects the water level by the use of sensors and get on and off by themselves. While purchasing a particular type of pump you have to take the climate, season and weather into consideration. It’s one of those kitchen equipment that is very important.

All the sump pumps run on electricity, having a pump that uses reasonable amount of electricity is beneficial. Also purchasing an additional backup battery might be essential, in case of severe weather and power outage. These batteries can be used for both submersible and pedestal sump pumps. Water hazards affecting the house takes a whole lot of money to repair.

So every homeowner must have a sump pump to pump out water under the basement from time to time. For installing the pump contact your local plumbing service or any other specialist living nearby your area. If is better to have your house safe from water damages which could later prove to be costly.


Sump pump is an essential equipment to protect your house from ground water. So if you have decided to purchase one, you have done the right thing. At this point you might be clear on purchasing a sump pump for your house. Make a good choice and buy it.

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